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As we keep our bodies healthy and responsive, by eating Chyawanprash, similarly, there is a Brahma Rasayana which keep the brain agile and healthy.

It keeps the brain responsive and healthy, which is an ancient formula taken from the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Brahma Rasayana is very similar to Chyawanprash in look but it strengthen the brain.

This is useful in all three kinds of Vata, Pitta and Kapha disorders.

Brahma Rasayana, will work as a tonic in depression, rather than as medicine.

Brahma Rasayana rejuvenate brain and sharpen the memory.

Forgetfulness problems, and other neurological problems like Trigeminal Neuralgia will be taken care by consumption of it.

In the modern days people are getting stress from all the dimension very starting from the getting-up from bed at morning till end of the day and all these make one feel very exhausted by the night. Brahma Rasayana will be helpful in all these cases very well.

Mental illnesses

There several mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and many more in which Brahma Rasayana will be helpful.

For Alzheimer’s there are no treatment in Allopathic system of medicine whereas there are several herbs in Ayurveda.

There are many other illnesses like Dementia, which mostly occurs in elderly people, where they tend to forget.

There are several problems related to the nervous system also, like trembling hands or tremors in the neck. It is called Parkinson’s. All these problems are related to the central nervous system. Like in some cases, their brain gets degenerated or becomes dry, there is no vitality in the brain, and people start forgetting stuff.

Many of the time children have a weak memory.

Who can take Brahma Rasayana?

In all these brain related cases Brahma Rasayana will be useful in in similar way as Chyawanprash for body health.

Brahma Rasayana is not only to be taken in case of brain-related illnesses. It can be also consumed by a healthy people too.

Consumption of Brahma Rasayana by a healthy people will strengthen the brain and balance Tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) of the body.

Consumption of it should avoided during pregnancy, because a lot of herbs are not generally given in pregnancy. But they can have it post-delivery as a tonic.

Most of the brain related illness including migraine are a kind of Vata disorders.

Composition of Brahma Rasayana

A formulation of Brahma Rasayana comprises of around 50 ingredients including Amla or Ghee or Honey or Sandalwood or Cardamom, Harad, small Kateri, big Kateriand many more. A person cannot get up in the morning and eat 50 herbs but just a taking Brahma Rasayana will do the job.

How to consume Brahma Rasayana?

It can be taken 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach with water after getting fresh. After this, you can practice your yoga or Pranayam, do whatever you wish to a minimum of 30 minutes to maximum of 60 minutes after taking this tonic, nothing has to be eaten for making it work well. This is given in a similar way at night at bedtime.

How much duration this tonic should continue?

If someone has some problem, then it can be easily given for 3 to 6 months.

Sometimes this has to be given to some people for a year also.

For certain problems, this may be required to be given for a year or two.

In the case of Alzheimer’s also you have to take medicine on an ongoing basis.

This also work on the heart, lungs and brain. This will work on other organs also.


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides a general information only. It is in no way a substitute for trained medical practitioner opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. We do not claim any obligation for this information.


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